Woodinville Bourbon Single Barrel Cask Strength Barrel 3274 (Store Pick!)

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Our first Barrel Pick was so amazing we couldn’t wait to get our hands on another one. We teamed up with Woodinville to hand select the ultimate single barrel bourbon! Picking one was a bit harder this time around, so we chose TWO! 

Nose: Vanilla, Light Citrus, and Brown Sugar

Palate: Creamy forward with a lot of vanilla  Transitions into a building rye that reaches medium intensity. 

Finish: An excellent long finish, that leaves a caramel apple, creamy vanilla, and underlying oak notes.

Woodinville Bourbon Barrel Number 3274

Proof 119.76 

Jim Murray, currently the most influential whisk(e)y writer in the world, released his annual publication, Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible – 2021. This year, Jim rated nearly 5,000 whiskies from all corners of the world.

In this edition, Woodinville Whiskey Co. was named US MICRO WHISKY OF THE YEAR – SINGLE BARREL (96.5 points)