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Wemyss Malts Peat Chimney 12 Year

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PEAT CHIMNEY introduces you to nuanced, smoky yet balanced flavours, gently easing you into the peaty whisky style.

Bottled at a potent 46% alcohol by volume and non chill-filtered to bring out the aromatic smoke and carefully crafted flavours. Try neat, on the rocks, in a whisky soda highball or in a tailor-made old fashioned.

The flavours of peat smoke always lead to thought provoking descriptions from fans of this whisky style; from beach bonfires, tarry ropes and medicinal aromas. Wemyss Malts aim was to evoke these smoky descriptions whilst at the same time be careful not to overwhelm with what can be for some, drying and intense smoke.

PEAT CHIMNEY is carefully balanced between fresh citrus flavours and nuanced smoke. Achieved by wisely layering multiple regions of single malt into this secret recipe. Dried pear, fresh lime and barley sugar on the palate soften and balance the waves of smoke.

This whisky is a guiding hand into the atmospheric world of smoky flavours whilst also being an exercise in harmony, subtlety and balance.

Wemyss Malts Peat Chimney 12 Year
Wemyss Malts Peat Chimney 12 Year Sale price$73.99