Proof and Wood

Proof and Wood Seasons 2021 18 Year Old

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Proof and Wood added another special lend of rare whiskies to its lineup: Seasons 2021. 

Each season generates changes in temperature that affects how the spirits in a barrel cycle through the wood and change the flavor of the spirits Bottled t 105 proof, it reflects an unusually long aged spirit- in this case a Tennessee Bourbon from 2003 that has endured more than 72 seasons in the barrel.

The whiskies in Seasons 2021 include the aforementioned 2003 Tennessee Bourbon, 2007 American Light Whiskey distilled in Indiana, 2015 Bourbon distilled in Indiana and 2013 99% Corn Whiskey distilled in Kentucky. 

Season 2021 was supposed to be released in 2021 but the supply chain and production issued delayed launch until 2022. Seasons 2021 is a limited edition of approximately 1000 bottles. 

105 Proof

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