Presidente Casa Pedro Domecq Brandy

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PedroDomecq is the #1 producer of brandy in Mexico and Presidente is the largest-selling domestic brand. 

Pedro Domecq is a household name in Mexico where its most popular brand, Presidente, is virtually synonymous with brandy. The Domecq company was founded in Jerez, Spain 1822 by Pedro Domecq Lembeye to produce high quality sherries and later, brandies. 


Presidente brandy is produced from a blend of the best grapes from the Hermosillo region of Mexico. Following distillation, the spirit is aged for a minimum of 24 months in American Oak barrels. The spirits chosen for Presidente are selected for their combination of fruit and oak notes.


Presidente is clean and bright with a medium amber color. On the nose fruity with slight oak aromas and touches of caramel. Dried fruits and vanilla aromas from the American oak over a base of almonds. On the mouth a sweet entrance which develops into slightly bitter finish with notes of caramel and oak.

ABV 40%

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