Post Meridiem Cocktails

Post Meridiem Cosmopolitan Ready-to-Drink (4 Pack Cans)

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Our Cosmo is all about balance – tart and tasty, simple and sophisticated, trendy and timeless. Made with Vodka, 100% real cranberry juice, 100% real lime juice, and orange curacao; the Cosmopolitan is a modern classic in its own right.


  • Vodka – 1 3/4 oz.
  • 100% Real Lime Juice – 3/4 oz.
  • 100% Real Cranberry Juice – 1/2 oz.
  • Orange Curacao – 1/2 oz.

27% ABV per can

This listing includes 4 cans at 100mL volume each.


Post Meridiem is the story of two old friends (Well, not that old) and a shared moment of inspiration. Sure, any canned cocktail is convenient, but they all tasted like a compromise. That wasn’t good enough for us. Or you.

Turns out making an easy drinking cocktail is anything but easy. We set about scouring the world for the best ingredients, working with local mixology masters, inventing ways to keep real ingredients fresh and even building our own canning line when the industry standard wasn’t good enough.

The result is authentic award-winning, full-strength, real ingredient, really damn delicious cocktails in our signature 100ml cans (Which is the proper size for a cocktail btw). No shortcuts. No excuses. No compromises.

We think one sip will change your entire conception about how good a canned cocktail can be.

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