Patrón Silver Tequila 2021 Mexican Heritage Tin by SENKOE

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Celebrating the legends of Mexico. Limited Edition.


The home of Patrón is vibrantly depicted on our Mexican Heritage Tins, each telling a colorful story of tradition with a bottle of Patrón Silver inside.


Senkoe's work is inspired by pre-Hispanic art and the world of dreams, reminding us that both come from a single origin, pure creation. Other sources of inspiration are in botanical illustration, literature, comics, as well as cartoons, nature and the sea. From them, Senkoe creates anthropomorphic characters--creatures of the unconscious.


Patrón Silver is handcrafted from the finest 100% Weber Blue Agave and is carefully distilled in small batches at Hacienda Patron distillery in Jalisco, Mexico.


  • Color: Crystal Clear
  • Aroma: Fruits & Citrus
  • Taste: Smooth & Sweet
  • Finish: Light Pepper


ABV 40%

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