Old Elk

Old Elk Sour Mash Reserve Bourbon (Batch 1)

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At Old Elk Distillery passion takes you places, and that’s evident through the story of Old Elk Sour Mash Reserve. In 2014, they began the journey to discover what effect a different yeast has on their custom high-malt mash bill, which was expertly developed by Old Elk Master Distiller, Greg Metze. Inspired to craft remarkably smooth and innovative whiskeys that transcend tradition, they experimented with fermentation. After more than six years of patient maturation, Greg selected thirty barrels of this remarkable whiskey to blend into each batch. The result showcases the sturdy foundation of Old Elk’s high-malt barley mash bill with bright and floral notes that transport you to the place where they laid this whiskey down.


currently this product does not include the decorative packaging.

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