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Next Round Cocktails Strawberry Lime Sangria

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Next Round Cocktails Rose Wine Strawberry Lime Sangria Ready to Drink Cocktail is a modern take on sangria that features light, refreshing strawberry and lime flavors.

Made with crisp rose wine and real fruit juice, this wine-based sangria tastes like it was freshly made at home. With this wine sangria cocktail's ready-to-serve convenience and on-the-go portability, the Next Round of drinks is sure to be a big hit at backyard BBQs and cocktail parties!

For best taste of this easy sangria wine, serve cold or over ice. Feeling a little bubbly? Pour this ready made mixed drink into wine glasses and add a splash of prosecco, fresh or frozen strawberries, and a basil leaf to make your sangria sparkle!

Contains 12.3% juice from concentrate. 13.5% ABV

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