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Maker's Mark Wood Finishing Series 2021 Straight Bourbon

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Marking the third year of limited releases from Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series, the 2021 bourbons take inspiration from the choices Maker’s Mark makes during production — namely, not chill-filtering — in order to retain character and depth of flavor, the company says. The 2021 release aims to emphasize characteristics that stem from that choice — including dark, dried fruit and woody notes and a full-bodied texture — by using the distillery’s wood stave-finishing technique.

The first 2021 Limited Release, FAE-01, uses an American oak stave seared on one side, and left raw on the other, to amplify dried fruit and oak flavors. Maker’s Mark derives these tasting notes from naturally retained elements of barrel char and organic compounds called fatty acid esters (FAEs), the company says, which are responsible for both fruity tones and texture variations.

Each side of the FAE-01 stave draws out different characteristics of these two flavor components, the company says. The charred side offers dark leathery tobacco notes, while the raw side yields fresh fruit.

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