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Leopold Bros Three Chamber Holiday Edition Rye

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This amazing, limited edition rye was an American tradition for over a hundred years. Before Prohibition put the Three Chamber Still out of commission for good, American Rye Whiskey was made in this very still and marketed as “heavy-bodied” whiskey. Leopold Bros. painstakingly re-engineered this historic distillation process from old manuscripts and grew heritage grain Abruzzi rye that was favored by Pre-Prohibition distillers to resurrect this one of a kind spirit.

Leopold Bros Three Chamber Rye Holiday Edition Whiskey is a limited-edition ultra-premium rye whiskey infused with natural flavors from spices and botanicals.


Peaches, lavender, honey, plums, pears, and candied fruit


Light fruits, chamomile, cocoa, honey, maple syrup, and vanilla


Lavender, cocoa nibs, figs, honey, and pear syrup

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