Krug Collection 1988

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To the delight of collectors around the world, a very limited number of bottles of Krug Vintage are kept in ideal conditions in the House’s cellars. They are tasted and appraised as they wait to blossom into a second life. Krug Vintage then becomes Krug Collection and reveals a new personality. Krug Collection Champagnes are true examples of time sublimation; maturity exposes hidden facets and depth. New flavours surprise, while old ones have gained structure. Krug Collection is always a wonderful discovery, a deeper story of the Krug Vintage. Krug Collection 1988 is time’s second revelation of Krug 1988.


The year 1988 alternated perfectly between heat and rain until harvest, which took place between September 26th and October 6th. It was a year without excesses that created the conditions for a slow maturation while keeping a very high level of freshness. The result was extremely balanced grapes with a perfect equilibrium between freshness and maturity. As it was such a special year, the choice to create Krug 1988 was an obvious one.

  • Deep, intense golden colour announcing maturity, opulence, harmony and elegance.

  • Exotic, complex nose consisting of white fruits, truffle, spices, honey, slightly browned apples and a hint of high-toned flowers, with a gentle nuttiness in the background.

  • Long, fresh and elegant palate, it is full of sensations: orange blossom, dried figs, ripe quince, mild spices such as cinnamon and ginger combined with tones of maple syrup, dark chocolate, coffee, honey, as well as roasted notes. It has a crystal and long finish with undertones of mineral and spices.


Krug Collection 1988’s delicacy and elegance contrast deliciously with rich, unctuous dishes such as turbot in hollandaise sauce, bass in butter, chicken with cream sauce and desserts with a base of dried fruits and almonds. Dishes bearing hints of vanilla would also be wonderful companions, enlivening the most daring of palates.

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