Korbel Brut

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America’s favorite California champagne, KORBEL Brut is refined, with a balanced, medium-dry finish. Enjoy lively aromas of citrus and cinnamon leading to crisp flavors of orange, lime, vanilla and a hint of strawberry.

Enjoy with: Caviar, fried foods, salty snacks, shellfish

Appellation: California

Fermentation: 100% Stainless Steel

Composition: Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, French Colombard, Pinot Noir

Acid/PH: 7.6 grams per liter / 3.20

Alcohol: 12%

Dosage: 1%

Winemaking: All KORBEL California Champagnes are made using the traditional méthode champenoise bottle fermentation process. The méthode champenoise process actually begins in the vineyard. We harvest the grapes for KORBEL Brut about two weeks earlier than is typical for still wines. The early harvest promotes the delicate, crisp, bright flavors of this varietal.

*Vintage may vary.

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