Kelt VSOP Grand Champagne Cognac

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A traditional Grande Champagne VSOP which is allowed to age much longer than the legal minimum of 4,5 years in its Limousin oak barrels forms the base for this renowned cognac. It is blended with much older cognacs to receive the quality level required of a KELT cognac.

Once the blending is completed we embark on the Tour du Monde. This is the legendary 3 month Ocean Maturation exclusive to KELT which brings out hidden qualities in the Limousin oak and rounds off the cognac in a beautiful and unique way making the KELT cognac the smoothest on the market while presenting a remarkably broad pallet of tastes and aromas.

We use our extensive experience and stock of Limousin oak barrels in the most creative way to get the maximum effect from the Ocean Maturation. For our VSOP we use younger barrels of between 4-12 years of a particular quality and history. The exact composition and details are a closely guarded secret know only to two persons within the company. The blending and Tour du Monde puts our VSOP in a tasting age squarely between Napoleon and XO. Some experts even favour our VSOP against other brands’ XOs.

  • Dark golden yellow, amber
  • Delicate vanilla oak scent, touch of port wine
  • Rose and violet
  • Fruity and jamy: apricot and fig
  • Hazelnut and licorice
  • Grande Champagne style, very rare
  • Mellow, warm, well balanced, great structure
  • Long finish – at least 10 minutes on the palate

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