Gran Patrón Smoky Tequila

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A sophisticated silver tequila with a perfectly balanced, very complex smoky flavor.

Gran Patrón Smoky begins with the highest quality Weber Blue Agave. The piñas are roasted with mesquite for about seven days in small underground stone pits at Hacienda Patrón in Jalisco, Mexico. They’re then crushed with a tahona wheel, fermented, and distilled.

Refined and distinctive bottle features a wood stopper, symbolizing the materials used in the roasting of the agave.

The underground roasting of the agave results in a smooth and sweet spirit with notes of cooked agave, citrus, and pepper.

The Patrón branding, along with a design reminiscent of smoke is incorporated on the bottle with an elegant gold etching.

  • Color: Bright, crystalline
  • Aroma: Smoked agave, pepper, citrus & spices
  • Taste: Smooth, smoked agave, sweet, cooked agave, citrus & pepper
  • Finish: Long, smoked agave

ABV 40%

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