El Jefe Tequila

El Jefe Reposado Tequila

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El Jefe team traveled to Jalisco Mexico and met with many Distillers, only to be challenged in finding a comfortable match where they could implement their vision of a smooth tequila that would appeal to the American palate, while also maintaining the traditional methods of making quality heritage tequila.

The result is El Jefe Tequila and they are excited to celebrate with you the Next Generation of Ultra Premium Tequila of unparalleled smoothness and elegance.

100% Blue Weber Agave


  • 2X Distilled
  • Agave sourced from Highlands  & Lowlands in Tequila, Jalisco Mexico
  • Cooked in Autoclave & Brick Ovens
  • Aged in American Oak Barrels
  • Charcoaled filtered with Plate & Frame Filtration 

Appearance: Clean and bright with light amber tint

Aroma: Hint of oak accents and ripe peach

Flavor: Smooth and sweet with excellent balance between agave and vanilla from oak barrel; notes of citrus, fruit and honey

Finish: Light floral notes followed by easy vanilla flavor, touch of caramel

Aged a minimum of 3 months in American Oak Barrels

 40% ABV

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