Don Q

Don Q Limon Rum

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Some take lemons and make them into lemonade. We take island key limes and turn them into Limón. How? Through a process of infusing tangy citrus and natural essential flavor into our rum aged 1 to 1½ years. If you love Cuba Libres with a wedge of lime, feel like elevating a Mojito to a near impossible level of refreshment, or if you have a glass full of ice but no liquid, you may benefit from Limón.

ABV 21%


Don Q is a pioneer among spirits producers when it comes to cleaner, environmentally conscious production practices. We approach environmental responsibility as the challenge of finding ecologically conscious solutions within the context of an economically viable enterprise. Our wastewater reclamation program not only allows us to maximize our production capacity, but also allows us to do what’s best for the vibrant ecosphere of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Sea.

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