Don Pilar

Don Pilar Añejo Tequila

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Don Pilar Añejo is made using Blue Agave grown on five ranches in Jalisco. The master distillers 'serenade' the agave must with Baroque music whilst it is fermenting for around 200 hours. Aged for 18 months in virgin American white oak, this is a buttery style of Tequila.

Don Pilar Añejo goes great in a margarita, but to truly enjoy, try it neat in a Reidel tequila glass or similarly shaped flute.

  • COLOR: A bright, shimmering, golden hue.
  • NOSE: Notes of toasty oak, fruit and butterscotch.
  • PALATE: A round, lush palate. Layered with pineapple, chocolate and baked agave.
  • FINISH: A decadently slow finish and warm reprise of sweet oak.

ABV 40%

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