1976 Dictador 2 Masters Rum 41 Years Old Laballe Armagnac

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A 41-year-old Dictador Rum from a 1976 single vintage cask finished in Bourbon barrels and then shipped to Laballe in Armagnac, where it further spent six months in an interesting Black Gascon oak cask, medium toasted.


Great complexity and soft vanilla extract, crème caramel, almond butter, banana leaf esters, punctuated by dried apple and figs as well as powerful phenols.


It expands and coats the palate with rich dark chocolate, mocha and toasted pecans as an overlay to the more expansive sea-salt caramel and maple bar, going into a long supple finisz that lingers with nice touches of caramel apple and high-grade marzipan.


Dark and brooding mahogany with brass accents, going out into a fine light golden rim with high viscosity and nice legs showing in the glass

Bottled at 44.3% ABV. Limited production of 378 bottles.

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