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DeVore Spirits Mary White Vodka

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 Celebrating the legacy of Mary White, the uncrowned queen of bootleggers, we at Deluxe Distillery selected the finest grains and distilled them to perfection.

Our master-distiller added malted barley in precise proportions for a stout character with a swarthy tang.

Drinking Mary White Vodka is experiencing a distinctive touch of grain in the nose, a fully developed tingly flavour on the palate, a smooth and silky texture on the tongue, and an epic aftertaste.

Sip Mary White Vodka neat, with your preferred mixer, or as an indispensable ingredient in your favourite cocktail.

Have Mary White Vodka or nothing at all.


The extremely balanced notes of the complex and flavourful Mary White vodka reveal cereal-like notes of bread dough, and a faint lemon spice that manifests itself fully once on the palate. Supported by the underlying earthiness of malted barley, this vodka is surprisingly smooth and fresh, with a tingly and fully developed citrusy flavor, and a stout & epic aftertaste, leaving a silky feel on the tongue.

DeVore Spirits Mary White Vodka
DeVore Spirits Mary White Vodka Sale price$38.99