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Del Maguey Mezcal Espadin Especial

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For fifteen years our producer of Tobala, Don Rogelio, had asked Del Maguey to bring in his mezcal made from Espadin, the genetic mother of the blue agave. At the insistence of a group of very special friends – dedicated Connoisseurs, Educators and “Cantineros” – we made the first run just for them. That first release consisted of only 330 bottles that were given to Del Maguey family in New York, Boston, and California. Amigos, you know who you are… Thank you for encouraging us with your persistence.

Espadin Especial is deliciously floral with a slight note of vanilla, citrus and a tropical note of pineapple with a bit of a caramel or butterscotch. Especial finishes with a saline quality that leaves you salivating for more.

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