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Damiana Guaycura Liqueur

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Damiana liqueur is a light herbal-based liqueur from Mexico. It’s made with the damiana herb that grows in Baja California Mexico. It has great mixability and tastes great as a shooter. The bottle is uniquely shaped and is modeled after an Incan goddess.

The damiana margarita is very popular in the Los Cabos area of Mexico and Mexican margarita folklore says that the very first margarita ever made was made with damiana liqueur (not that silly french liqueur).

Damiana is a small shrub with smooth pale green oval leaves and aromatic yellow flowers. It grows in mexico and central america. The secret: the leaves and stems of the damiana plant are gathered at the time of flowering. The parts we use to produce damiana liqueur are the dried leaves and stems. The damiana herb has an ancient reputation going all the way back to the mayans. A great gift: spirits have always been gifts that say thank you in the most .

60 Proof / 30% ABV

Damiana Guaycura Liqueur
Damiana Guaycura Liqueur Sale price$26.99