Francis Coppola

Coppola Dorothy Arzner Straight Rye Whiskey

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Dorothy Arzner made history when she became the first woman to direct a sound film, “Manhattan Cocktail” in 1928. Her directing career spanned the 1920s to the early 1940s. She launched the careers of many actresses including Katharine Hepburn and Lucille Ball. Later, in her teaching years at UCLA, she taught a young Francis Ford Coppola and gave him the confidence to become a film director. In honor of this free-spirited and independent woman we’re releasing a 3-year-old straight rye whiskey.

Tasting Notes: Dark blackberry and dried cherry fruitiness, warm roasted oak tones, rich dark chocolate caramel, fresh cracked black pepper, rye spice and brioche bread. 

90 Proof

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