Clicquot Brut Extra Old

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Extra Brut Extra Old is a cuvée collection crafted from a unique blend of prestigious old reserve wines.

In the art of blending Champagne at the House of Veuve Clicquot, reserve wines play one of the noblest parts, adding depth, complexity, and mystery to the House’s flagship Yellow Label. The House pays homage to its heritage and writes another page of its history with the launch of an entirely new wine: Extra Brut Extra Old, a premium cuvee blended exclusively from its precious reserve wines’s collection. With Extra Brut Extra Old, Dominique Demarville has created a champagne using only these prized reserve wines, diving into the essence of Yellow Label, to bring it forward with a new clarity. With some wines as old as 1988, Extra Brut Extra Old is an entirely innovative champagne, blending the best of history.