Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Monologue 2008 Glenlossie 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky

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Glenlossie’s stills are fitted with purifying units designed to carry any heavier alcohols out of the lyne arm back into the pot to be distilled again. Some say the use adds an oily textural to the spirit. The longer fermentation times add some grassiness to the new make spritis. Glenlossie is a major component in the Diageo's blended whiskies, but outside of their Flora & Fauna series, it is rarely bottled as a single malt, even from the independents. This bourbon hoggies turned out 277 bottles. Distilled 10/2008, bottled 04/2021.


The nose of this delicate whisky opens with enticing aromas of almonds, spicy oak, melon, and milk chocolate. The palate has hazelnut praline, oak, berry jam, and vanilla fudge. The satisfyingly long finish has lingering notes of orange zest, apple, and a touch of nutmeg.

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