Chandon Sweet Star

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Vibrant and fun, Sweet Star offers a slightly sweet profile that is balanced by a refreshing acidity. Robust with bright tropical, grapefruit and floral notes, try as a spritz over ice, alongside spicy fare and even with desserts.

Sourced from high-quality, cool climate Northern California appellations, with harvest taking place at night to capture Chandon’s signature freshness and brightness.


After gentle pressing, primary fermentation takes place in stainless steel, followed by 75% malolactic fermentation. Secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle via the Methode Traditionelle.


Exotic and generous, Sweet Star is juicy on the nose and silky on the palate – honey, stone fruit, nectarine, mango, and orange contribute to the perfect balance of sweetness, fruitiness, and structure, with a refreshingly bright finish.


Spicy dishes, decadent desserts or brunch are a match, try pad Thai, yellow curry, chicken and waffles, or lemon meringue pie. Also try Sweet Star over ice with a garnish of your choice!

Appellation: California

Blend: 67% Chhardonnay, 33% Pinot Noir

Alcohol: 12%

*Vintage may vary.

Follow along with professional wine educator, Brian Fairleigh- click HERE for videos.


At Chandon California, we take the responsibility of caring for the land seriously, grateful for its vital role in creating our wines. We’re committed to sustainable farming practices that consider the entire ecosystem, from the vines on which our grapes grow to the other plant and animal life in our environment.

By approaching our ecosystem as a whole, we ensure that we not only will be able to continue to grow the grapes for our award-winning wines, we’ll be able to maintain the quality and character of our terroir into the future.

Not all of the grapes we grow at Chandon California require the same amount of water. We gather precise information on the level of water in the soils and use this data to make sure every drop of water we apply is needed. In seasons when natural rainfall is low, we adjust the farming operations to reduce water consumption in the vineyards. This way, the vines can continue delivering the grape quality needed with less water consumption and evaporation from the soils.

Starting with a holistic approach we have been able to reduce fertilizers to a minimum. We utilize other crops (called cover crops) in the off-season to maintain soil fertility and avoid erosion from winter rains. Composting has also helped us “build” our soils, making them rich in organic matter and nutrients, which results in a better capacity to hold water. This helps our soils hold more water and keep more nutrients to enrich our vines.

We’ve even completely eliminated the use of synthetic herbicides in our vineyards. And the benefits aren’t just good for our lands. They’re good for our wines.

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