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Canadian Club “The Dock Man” Chronicles Issue 2 42 Year Old Canadian Whiskey

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Canadian Club Chronicles Issue 2 is a 42-year-old whisky called The Dock Man. The whisky pays homage to the Hiram Walker distillery dock workers that tirelessly loaded freighters with crates of Canadian Club during American Prohibition. Just like last year’s 41-year-old Chronicles, this whisky was batched and barreled in 1977. This time, Canada’s 9.09% rule, which allows producers to add up to 9.09% of non-whisky to a blend and still label it as Canadian Whisky, was exercised to blend the ultra-aged corn whisky with 16-year-old rye, 12-year-old pot-distilled rye and a splash of brandy.

"The new Canadian Club 42 Year Old, according to those behind it, was batched and barreled more than four decades ago. As a nod to Canadian Club’s “storied past,” it is nicknamed Issue No. 2: The Dock Man (the first was Issue No.1: Water of Windsor) “to celebrate the dock men of years’ past who consistently delivered quality whisky to bar owners and drinkers when counterfeit ran rampant during the Prohibition era.”

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