Bowmore x Aston Martin 22 Year Scotch

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A limited-edition single malt created in collaboration between Ron Welsh, Master Blender and Marek Reichman Chief Creative Officer. Each one of them a master of their own art who shape and influence every product produced, be that a Bowmore single malt Scotch whisky or an Aston Martin car.

By bringing these two worlds and these two creators together, we call on their shared experience and skills to create a whisky which tells the story of the synergy between the brands and ultimately defines the partnership.

The second from the series created by Ron Welsh, Master Blender and Marek Reichman Chief Creative Officer. A single malt capturing a harmonising force in both its presence and it character.


This is a collaboration of perfect proportions, the optimal combination of skill, passion and precision. Taking each Masters’ own creativity and character; bringing together harmoniously to create a beautiful, yet powerful equilibrium.

For Aston Martin proportionality defines every precise detail of the design process; in a quest to achieve the Golden Ratio, this guides the creation of absolute beauty by ensuring a perfectly symmetrical relationship between each proportion.

For Bowmore, proportions define character and shape flavour combinations; from cask selection and age to blending. But for the first time, the adoption of the Golden Ratio has inspired the combination of components, each of which add their own unique flavours and layers of complexity to the final whisky.

The result is a single malt which thrills all the senses for optimal enjoyment. But much like an Aston Martin, delivers a very powerful and memorable finish.


NOSE: Beginning with sweet and fruity notes of heather honey, vanilla with subtle cherries

TASTE: Rich sweet and malty spicy notes of vanilla fudge

FINISH: Sweet and woody with notes of liquorice sticks deliver a spicy feel

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