Bomberger's Declaration 2020 Bourbon

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Bomberger’s Declaration Distillery Bourbon honors the legacy of the former distillery known as Bomberger’s in the 1800’s and later as Michter’s in the 20th Century. Please join us in toasting and celebrating American Whiskey History with this outstanding small batch 108 proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Nose: The nose opens complex and faintly sweet with strawberries before robust maple syrup, dried stone fruit, and bitter charred oak notes emerge alongside a touch of cinnamon, dried cacao, and a touch of black pepper rye. The longer you nose it the more bitter charred oak notes like cacao and cloves emerges alongside a touch of ethanol.

Palate: The palate is semi-viscous, opening with deep brown sugar caramel, before oak-driven notes of earthy baking spices, and dark chocolate emerge. These are followed by a wave of peppery rye spice which fades to notes of maple syrup, faint dried stone fruit, cinnamon, tannic oak, barrel spices, and a touch of char bitterness.

Finish: The finish opens with a second burst of warm spice which warms the throat before fading towards notes of maple syrup, dried fruit, barrel spices, and a fruity faintly tannic char aftertaste.


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