Benjamin Prichard's Double Barreled Bourbon

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According to the distillery, this bourbon made of a mash bill of white corn, rye, and wheat is aged for nine years, cut from 120 proof to 95 proof, and then re-barreled (hence the double barrel) in new charred oak barrels. This method is emphasized by the distiller as a unique means to impart desired flavor and other notes in the bourbon. The distillery says that the bottling proofÿmay vary, dipping to as low as 80 proof; my bottle is labeled as 90 proof. While certainly spicy, it is incredibly smooth, with warming tones of oak and firewood (albeit not smokey). Spiced vanilla tea and freshly baked rye bread balance sweetness and heartiness. Butterscotch hard candy, straw and greenery, and spiced gingerbread flow from front-to-back across the palate, with a medium-length and drier finish.