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Barrell Craft Spirits Private Release Cask Strength Bourbon A02i

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The Barrell Private Release Bourbon series is an exercise in micro-blending and variations on a theme. A variety of bourbons spread across 4 different ages were selected and blended into 48 different recipes. Each blend number has its own ratios, printed on the label and is constructed in its own ex-bourbon barrel. With each release, a new set of base bourbons will be selected, so every recipe is only made once.

The BCS blending team believes that blending can make bourbons that span the greatest spectrum of flavor. The Private Release program allows an entirely new set of options for those looking for unique and exclusive products. 

Each blend is a marriage of Bourbons from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana, and is constructed from a volumetric recipe based on a component age statement.

A02i has a component age statement of 50% 5 year 20% 9 year 10% 13 year and 20% 15 year bourbons. It shows a pronounced chocolaty and chalky, Indiana Bourbon influence. 

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