Bardstown Bourbon Company Fusion Series #5

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Bardstown Bourbon Co.'s fifth release in their fusion series continues their tradition of blending their own younger distillates with well-aged bourbon from another, unnamed Kentucky distillery. This release contains the most of their own distillate to date, with only 30% of it being sourced whiskey. The full breakdown is as follows:
  • 56% 4yr Bardstown Bourbon Co. | Mashbill - Corn 70%, Rye 18%, Malted Barley 12%

  • 14% 3yr Bardstown Bourbon Co. | Mashbill - Corn 60%, Rye 26%, Wheat 10%, Malted Barley 4%

  • 30% 11yr Kentucky Bourbon | Mashbill - Corn 75%, Rye 13%, Malted Barley 12%

The nose is immediately sweet and welcoming, with bread pudding and creme brulee representing the desserts, and cinnamon spice over apple and pear lending a lovely fruitiness. The palate shows a rich nuttiness, with walnuts and hazelnuts vying for supremacy. Tart cherry, cream, and orange peel follow. The finish is slow to fade, with more citrus peel and oak.

Bottled at 47.45% abv. 

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