Balcones Blue Corn Straight Bourbon (Limited Edition)

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Balcones latest limited edition Blue Corn Bourbon is a marvel. Forged in America's newest hotbed of whiskey, Central Texas, this is one bold and complex bourbon with myriad flavors to keep your palate excited. Aromas of baking spice, fresh forest air, cocoa, and vanilla cake greet the senses while layers of cocoa, caramelized banana, a hint of buttered toast create a longing for dessert... or breakfast? Don't miss this rare sighting from Waco's finest. 


buttered toast, grapefruit pith, overripe banana, fresh cut bell pepper, corn oil, candied pecan, forest floor, cinnamon, sweet oak


oily texture with maple syrup, dried apricot, pralines, cajeta, jasmine, spice, masa


warm and long finish with supple notes of raw honey, coffee cake, and dried chilies

127 Proof

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