Krug Brut Vintage 1998 in Wood Box

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At the House of Krug, every Krug Vintage celebrates the distinct character of a particular year. A Krug Vintage is a blend of the most expressive wines from a single year enhanced by a stay of over ten years in the cellars. Every Krug Vintage is different: it is the Music of the year, captured by Krug.

Krug 1998 offers astonishing purity, precision, elegance and a very long finish. For Krug, a focus on Chardonnay for in this vintage was an obvious choice due to the outstanding personality of Chardonnay grapes of the year. This vintage is known as our Hommage au Chardonnay as it is only the second Krug vintage, after 1981, where Chardonnay dominates.


Deep light golden colour announcing the unique contrast between freshness and maturity. On the nose, expressive aromas of bread, hazelnut, dried fruit, caramelised orange peel, then cocoa as it warms up, and finally pepper and gingerbread.
On the palate, flavours of crystallised citrus fruits, caramelised orange peel, dried fruits, pepper and gingerbread, with a soft, creamy texture.


Classic weather, full of contrasts, as it is often the case in Champagne:

  • a particularly hot month of August, the hottest since 1962 in Champagne,
  • a heavy rain in early September, followed by dry, mild weather during the harvest.
  • The year allied quantity and quality of grapes.

Fish with fine flesh such as sea bass or turbot accompanied by lemon sauces or citrus fruits, as well as spicy or exotic dishes (Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai), with crystallised ginger and other spices.

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