Heavensake Urakasumi Junmai Ginjo Sake

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Urakasumi, a brewery founded in 1724, and Regis Camus pair up to bring you this eyebrow-raising junmai ginjo. Revel in the unusual, but pleasing nose of light lemon peel and creme brûlée. The scent blends right into the gentle, almost-butterscotch flavor with spirited notes of raisin. It goes surprisingly well with raw fish dishes or even something like ceviche. The thing about sake of this quality is, it can pair with tons of things. Let your taste buds tell you what is right.


Lemon peel, cocoa and crème brûlée.


Crisp, light and refreshing. Honeycomb, nougat and white raisin.


Ceviche, raw oysters, tuna tartare, arctic char, sashimi, sushi. Green salads, tempura vegetables. Lightly spicy food, chicken.

15% ABV

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