Malibu Rum Mango

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When you are longing for the sun and fun of the Caribbean, reach for a bottle of Malibu Mango rum.

Smooth and sweet, Malibu Mango starts with a base of light white rum made from high-quality cane sugar and distilled in three separate stages before being poured into oak casks and blended with coconut for natural flavor.

To pack even more summer flavor into the iconic white Malibu bottle, Malibu Mango pairs the brand's signature coconut with mouth-watering mango. The result is a refreshing flavored rum that brings to mind the white-sand beaches and gorgeous sunsets of the Caribbean.

Mix some Malibu Mango into any tropical rum-based cocktail for a new twist on old favorites. Layer it with orange juice, cranberry juice, and coconut water for a Mango Sunrise, or combine it with a bottle of pinot grigio, white peach schnapps, lemon juice, lime juice, orange juice, lemon-lime soda, and ice to make a refreshing sangria for your next summer party.

ABV 21%

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