Koval Organic Gin Trio Gift Pack

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For lovers of inviting, intriguing botanical flavors and eye-catching design. The KOVAL Gin Trio presents an enticing, ready-made gift option with an array of choices for every palate.

Gift set includes 3 bottles at 200mL:

  • Dry Gin
    • Made with a unique variety of woodland spices, KOVAL Dry Gin is known for its innovative beauty inside and out. Juniper and wildflowers envelop the nose, while the taste is dry, yet vibrant - clean and nuanced by emerald grasses, golden citrus, and white pepper with a round, floral body. Crisp enough to enjoy straight and of course excellent in cocktails both classic and contemporary. (94 Proof)

  • Cranberry Gin
    • KOVAL Cranberry Gin Liqueur offers an enticing blend of fruit-forward and bittersweet flavors, surrounded by the crisp, well-rounded notes of KOVAL Gin's signature 13 botanicals. An homage to aperitif culture, it is an excellent base for easy, enticing cocktails for all seasons - simply mix with a splash of Prosecco or any sparkling water, and a signature spritz is born! Made from all-natural ingredients sourced directly from local, organic Midwestern farmers (60 Proof)
  • Barreled Gin
    • A unique spirit that delights both gin and whiskey lovers alike, KOVAL Barreled Gin is crafted with the same prized recipe as the Dry Gin, but with a new level of citrus, spice and light butterscotch sweetness that come from its maturation in a KOVAL whiskey barrel. KOVAL Barreled Gin is crisp enough to be enjoyed straight, or as a new layer of depth in classic cocktails such as an Old Fashioned, Negroni or Gimlet. (94 Proof)

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