Hennessy Master Blender’s Selection No. 4

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At Maison Hennessy, it is said that cognac is not made, it is crafted. It is a precise blend of heritage, passion and transmission that are the essence of our craft.

Nothing captures this spirit of craftsmanship more than the Master Blender’s Selection. A unique series of limited edition releases, it is the result of our Master Blender’s freedom to elaborate a blend which, unlike other Hennessy cognacs, will not be replicated.

The Master Blender’s Selection N°4 is a personal blend and a distinctive expression of the Hennessy craft. Fresh with a supple elegance, this single-batch was hand-selected by Master Blender Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, fruit of his creativity.


The blend is characterized by a light amber color with a slightly tarnished golden robe.


The nose of the blend delivers an aromatic liveliness with notes of fresh apricot, almost-candied orange peel and hints of fruity spices. This single-batch is not overly woodsy, light and warm.


On the palate, there is a sense of "crispiness", the blend seems to crunch under the tongue. Touches of spices make a subtle appearance, adding warmth, a direct result of aging the eaux-de-vie in younger red oak barrels. The blend can be described as mastered simplicity with a modern touch of sophistication.

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