Hennessy VSOP Privilége Lunar New Year 2022 Year of the Tiger (Limited Edition)

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Coming after a time of challenge and loss, the Year of the Tiger represents hope and the promise of renewed energy and vitality. The Shanghai-based artist Zhang Enli explains why his artwork for Maison Hennessy commemorates that.

“Poetry makes nothing happen,” W. H. Auden observed, but life without poetry is apt to be pretty bleak. For the 2022 Lunar New Year, artist Zhang Enli shows us exactly how bleak life would in fact be if it wasn’t for all those rhythmical compositions.

His vibrant artwork, 'Poetry and Wine Welcome the Tiger' celebrates the poetry, optimism, and vitality of the Lunar New Year. “The artwork is about spirit and sense over appearances; about the force of transformation, even in the tiniest details,” Enli says. Favoring abstraction over figurative representation, the artist conjures the tiger — an ancestral symbol of power, success, and confidence — with dynamic lines and vibrant color. “While this painting may be different from traditional tiger-themed paintings, my hope is that people will intuitively recall the animal’s beauty and vitality.”

For the Year of the Tiger, he also chose to pay tribute to the peaceful beauty of the Charente River in Cognac, using it as a metaphor for transformation and the passage of time. “The Charente River left a profound impression on me,” the artist recalls after his visit to Cognac.

The flowing lines, reminiscent of traditional Chinese brush painting, and the visible grid lines point to the Renaissance technique of ‘squaring up’. “The painting very naturally brings together the Year of the Tiger and Hennessy’s eaux-de-vie.” He's a master of color and light.


Flamboyant mahogany with light tones.


Releases very mature notes, evoking the aroma of fresh fruit coupled with a sensation of suppleness that settles in to underscore the harmony of this cognac.


The sensation of full body deepens with the flavors of juicy fruits, vanilla, spices and mild tobacco also provided by the vigor of the younger eaux-de-vie.

This item is guaranteed to come with the decorative box. 🥳

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