Ohza Fizzy White Sangria (4 Pack Cans)

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We teamed up with our new co-owner Joe Jonas to bring his secret sangria recipes to you!

Fizzy White Sangria is made with 100% real pear, peach, apple, and strawberry juices mixed with premium sparkling white wine. It's a bold, refreshing taste that's perfect for poolside sippin' or to accompany your late night taco order.

With up to 80% less sugar, 60% fewer calories and serious convenience (12 cans is equivalent to mixing four champagne bottles and two juice cartons), you could say the Original Canned Sangria™  is a game-changer.


Carbonated wine, water, peach juice from concentrate, pear juice from concentrate, natural flavors


Per 12 FL OZ: 140 calories, 0g Fat, 0g Sodium, 12g Carbohydrates, 8g Sugar (0g added sugar), 0g Protein, 9mg Calcium, 187mg Potassium.

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