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Brother's Bond Straight Bourbon

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The dawn of of a new bourbon has arrived. Brother's Bond was created by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, who played the Salvatore Brothers on the famed TV series, 'The Vampire Diaries.' They found that the true bonds of their friendship were strengthened over drinking bourbon—both on and off-screen—for over a decade.

Not settling for the minimum 51% corn in their mash bill, the standard throughout history, Brother's Bond has a whopping 65% corn in their bourbon. They also dialed up the rye to 22%; this makes the bourbon high-rye content, delivering an extra helping of spice notes.


Color: Sunset Gold
Nose: Baked banana bread, ripe tree fruit, walnuts, orange honey, warm rye spice
Body: Balanced, round, and velvety smooth
Taste: Toasted cereal grain, honey suckle, dried fruit, black tea, spice
Finish: Fresh cut oak
Length of Finish: 1:30 min
Empty Glass: Beeswax

40% ABV/VOL (80 proof)

Brother's Bond Straight Bourbon
Brother's Bond Straight Bourbon Sale price$44.99